Travel Photography Tips

If you are someone who loves to take tonnes of photographs while you're travelling, here are some tips for keeping you and your camera safe.

1. Do not draw attention

As much as possible, try to be inconspicious. Walking around casually with massive gear draws attention to you — something you'd want to avoid when you're abroad.

2. Back up regularly

Always back up your photos. Don’t wait until your memory card is full to start transferring photos to an external hard drive or the cloud (preferably both). The only way to really keep your photos safe is to duplicate them!

3. Protect your equipment

Keep your equipment dry by getting a waterproof bag for your camera. Alternatively, get a weather-resistant camera.

4. Be sensitive to the temperature

Don't expose your camera to dramatic temperature changes. Extreme cold can affect battery life; try to keep batteries close to your body, so they stay warm.

5. Ask for permission

Always seek permission to photograph people and err on the side of caution.

6. Be careful about what you photograph

Avoid photographing sensitive buildings or infrastructure, such as border areas, military installations, airports, or religious buildings.

7. Be respectful

Pay attention when taking “selfies” and avoid dangerous situations. Avoid culturally inappropriate or thoughtless poses.

8. Do not publish inappropriate posts

Be careful what you share on social media, particularly while still in that country. Be familiar with the local customs and traditions. Travellers are occasionally detained for their social media posts.

There are no hard and fast rules for ethics when it comes to taking pictures when you travel, but just remember to respect the local cultures and you'll be just fine.